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I've been creating stained glass, fused glass, and mosaic glass art since 2006. It started with me wanting to have a couple of stained glass pieces in the windows above my living room French doors. When I saw the cost, I knew that the only way that I would have stained glass there, was if I made it myself. So, onto learning I went and drug my husband with me.

We learned how to do both, leaded glass and Tiffany style stained glass. We also learned how to create mosaics with glass, and how to fuse glass. I loved it all. We took quite a few classes, over achieving in each one (while other picked patterns of 20 pieces or less, we would pick patterns with over 100 pieces). Each class made us want to learn more and more.

First we did a few smaller panels, a trio of pieces that hung from one another in the side view by our front door, then onto larger panels for our master bath and guest room. We also started making pieces for gifts to give to family and friends. But what happened next was a big surprise... people offered to pay us for our pieces and asked if we could make one for them.

Then in 2009 I became a victim of the economy and was laid off from my full time job. A job that was in the now dead field of construction (land surveying and engineering). There were no jobs out there, just a lot of people surprised that I had the guts to show up at their doors looking for a job, doors that would soon be closing for good. Now what? My husband came up with the idea - you love working with art and glass, why not start designing and selling your stained glass art?

I broke out my old sketch books and started sketching patterns and then making them work as a stained glass patterns. I was designing and creating one of a kind, custom stained glass pieces. Name the style, the subject, the size, the color and I can make it. That was the beginning of Those in Glass Houses...

Since then, I have made and sold stained glass pieces that are anywhere from 6" x 8" to 4' x 6'. I have made mosaic designs in serving trays and on plaques, and I've come up with how to recreate your child's art in fused glass (no original art is harmed in the making of these wonderful keepsakes). My pieces now hang in homes all over the world and I even have some of my pieces on the Las Vegas Strip after subcontracting to do leaded windows for Nine Fine Irishmen restaurant in the New York New York Casino/Hotel.

The funny part of the story... the two windows over my French doors are still without glass.

Falling Leaf Glass Art

Falling Leaf Glass While sitting on my patio, I noticed a leaf that fell from the neighbor's tree, and e.e. cummings' poem "1 (a...(a leaf falls on loneliness)" came to mind. I created this piece using various textured clear glass and leaving the center square free of glass. The only color is that of the leaf.

stained glass Glass Art Rose & Daisy Intertwined - This stained glass panel was created for a wedding gift to a lovely young couple. The bride loves daisies and the groom loves roses. I wanted to show the two flowers intertwined to represent their joining together in marriage.

The rose is a deep red with two shades of green for the stem and the daisy is a wispy white and bright yellow flower with a green stem. The back ground glass is a granite textured clear glass and the frame is a solid black glass.

Hanging in Pine Hill, New Jersey

Kokopelli Glass Artwork

Kokopelli Glass Art Kokopelli is the Native American Fertility Deity. I designed this piece so that Kokopelli was done in a solid black opal glass with a fiery orange/yellow opal glass background. As if he's dancing in front of a roaring fire.

Hanging in Rochester, New Hampshire

fused glass Conviction - I designed this piece incorporating the typical straight lines of art deco along with circles to form a compass shape towards the top. I used a simple color combination of golden amber rolled glass, olive green rolled glass, brown and amber wispy glass, and a fiery red wispy glass to form the archways. The background glass is a clear seed glass with small air bubbles in it.

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I've done well with my art and felt that I needed to "give back" I donate 2 square feet of a custom piece of stained glass to yearly fundraisers by such groups as "The American Lung Association", "Chef's for Kids", "Adams Place", as well as the "UNLV Nevada Entertainer/Artist Hall of Fame".

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